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Dozvoljena zamena bezvrednih akcija
BEOGRAD, 27. marta 2008. (Beta) - Vlada Srbije u četvrtak je usvojila izmene uredbi o prijavljivanju građana za besplatne akcije, kojima se omogućuje da se bezvredne akcije zamene akcijama šest javnih preduzeća.

"Građani koji su stekli besplatne akcije u privatizaciji, a koje su postale bezvredne, moći će da se odreknu tih akcija u korist države u zamenu za akcije najvrednijih srpskih preduzeća", rekao je na konferenciji za novinare ministar ekonomije i regionalnog razvoja Mlađan Dinkić.

Uslov je da vlasnik akcija kojih se odriče nije njima ni na koji način raspolagao, odnosno ostvario pravo na dividendu ili deo stečajne ili likvidacione mase.

Ostvarivanje prava na besplatne akcije omogućeno je novim uredbama i građanima lišenim poslovne sposobnosti, koji zbog toga nisu u biračkim spiskovima.

Odložen početak radova na autoputu Horgoš-Požega
Vlada Srbije je na sednici u četvrtak većinom glasova odbacila predlog Ministrastva za infrastrukturu o započinjanju radova na izgradnji autoputa Horgoš- Požega.

Ministar za infrastrukturu Velimir Ilić izjavio je na konferenciji za novinare, posle sednice Vlade, da zbog toga radovi na tom autoputu neće početi 1. aprila.

"Najveći projekat u istoriji Srbije je stopiran zbog preglašavanja iz političkih razloga, samim tim neće doći do realizacije projekta", rekao je Ilić.

On je podsetio da je trebalo da radovi počnu u sredu, 1. aprila, ali su blokirani zbog odluke dela Vlade (DS i G17) da glasaju protiv toga.

WB opens information center in Belgrade
BELGRADE -- The World Bank (WB) has opened its information center in Belgrade today.

"It is a step that will provide people in Serbia with better access to information on the World Bank, enabling Serbia's faster integration in the broader family of nations," Head of the World Bank Office for Serbia Simon Gray said Thursday.

He said at the opening of center, located at the British Council premises, that the World Bank "does not offer financial funds only, but a huge fund of knowledge, which will now be available to Serbia's citizens".

According to Grey, the WB Information Center was opened in cooperation with the British Council, and it will provide free information on this financial institution, and its activities and projects in Serbia and elsewhere.

"Serbia can be software industry leader"
BELGRADE -- Software development should become Serbia’s next big export brand, says the owner of the ComTrade Group.

Veselin Jevrosimić, whose company is one of south-east Europe's biggest in the information and technology field, told Tanjug that this was because Serbia had some of the top experts in the industry.

“Software is a product with which Serbia can show to the world that it can work on the development of information technology solutions just as India or China have done,” Jevrosimić explained, pointing out that the state should dedicate itself to the goal of turning software development into a national brand.

Following the announcement that ComTrade are to acquire leading Slovenian software company HERMES SoftLab, which would be the first major Serbian acquisition of a Slovenian firm, Jevrosimić underlined that the merger of the ComTrade Group and HERMES SoftLab would create one of the biggest information technology groups in central and south-east Europe, a group that could provide services not only for the Balkan and European markets, but also for financially much more powerful markets, such as those of the United States or the Middle East.

"This would create a group employing more than 1,600 employees, and with an annual turnover of over EUR 300mn, of which more than EUR 100mn would be from software alone," Jevrosimić said.

Press: Political jam over highway
BELGRADE -- The dailies are today focusing on the latest trouble that has befallen the project to build the Horgoš-Požega highway.

ALO—One of many tabloids in Serbia leads with a post office robbery in Belgrade yesterday: "Post 'gifts' robbers RSD 21mn".

"Cooking oil still scarce", says that the shops are still short on supply of cheaper cooking oil, as prices are expected to go up.

BLIC—More on organized crime on the daily's front page, as it reports about a MUP raid in Vranje that detained 12 people: "Bankers used loan swindles to misappropriate EUR 2.5mn".

As for Čedomir Jovanović, and his Liberal-Democrats (LDP), he says: "We have solutions for Tadić's principles".

"Investors wait for resolution of political crisis in Serbia", the newspaper believes.

BORBA—"Concession takes another test", is about the continuing controversy surrounding the construction of the Horgoš-Požega highway: this time the concessionaires have asked for more time to secure the banking guarantees.

"Lawsuit in works", says that the Serb judicial workers who were detained in Kosovska Mitrovica on March 17, will sue UNMIK for illegal arrest.

VEČERNJE NOVOSTI—"Bank holds steering wheel", more on the government session today to decide on the next moves over the Horgoš-Požega concession. Latest on this here.

German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Mass says in an interview, "We won't blackmail Serbia" – details here.

GAZETA—"Thieves take colored money", another article on the post office heist in Belgrade yesterday. The PTT officials say the money taken was marked with special color, and is therefore "unusable".

Serbia captain Dejan Stanković, formerly of the Red Star FC, speaks about the ongoing investigation into the dealings of the club's former leadership: "I have told police all I know".

GLAS JAVNOSTI—Announced price hikes of gasoline and oil have been postponed, and the daily leads with, "Happy drivers, rabid oil merchants".

"Dinkić, where did you get Lacoste sweater", the newspaper asks the leader of the G17 Plus, who insists he is a modest middle class man, while some media are out to prove the opposite.

"Huge jam over highway", more on the Horgoš-Požega concession.

DANAS—Serbian MUP officers were out in force yesterday in Niš to catch Hague fugitive Stojan Župljanin, but they went back home to base empty-handed: "Vukčević gave orders to conduct search", the daily says that the war crimes prosecutor sent them there.

"Dejan Milenković Bagzi testifies in Ćuruvija case", announces today's resumption of the trial of the journalist's murderers.

KURUR—"End of Tobacco Mafia", the tabloid says on the front page, and adds the Special Prosecution will interview witness Bojana Bajrušević, which "could lead to arrests of several more businessmen".

"Pedophiles favorites" – to win Big Brother VIP, that is – the paper believes.

POLITIKA—"Poor little politicians", the daily looks at the property owned by Serbia's politicians.

"My property could shock", Božidar Đelić explains in an interview.

"Serbs remain in Sanader cabinet", says another report. Despite announcements that they might leave in Croatia recognizes Kosovo, the Serb ministers have decided to stay.

PRESS—The tabloids have officially named another mafia, this time, "Banking Mafia!" – the article on the front page is about the arrests in Vranje yesterday.

"Bloody Hashim", brings a huge smiling picture of Hashim Thaci, today Kosovo's premier, formerly one of the KLA leaders. The article is about the testimony of the witness identified as K-144, who told the Hague that the KLA kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, removed their organs to be sold in the black market, to then kill them.

Gov't gives highway thumbs down
BELGRADE -- The government Thursday rejected by a majority of votes a proposal to start the construction of the Horgoš-Požega highway.
Concessionaires PORR and Alpine Mayreder previously asked for permission to self-finance construction of the highway in the first year, after Deutsche Bank announced that they were unable to provide guarantees for construction within the agreed time frame.

Infrastructure Minister Velimir Ilić, who tabled the proposal, said "there was no real reason to postpone the start of implementation of the concession deal", and that the postponement was irresponsible.

He told a news conference after the government session that the concession and the works were halted through "outvoting in the government" and that the project that took three years to prepare will now not be realized.

The coalition of the Democratic Party (DS) and G17 Plus have the majority in the caretaker government. Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica's Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and Ilić's New Serbia (NS) are also part of the coalition which collapsed recently. New elections are scheduled for May 11.

At the session today, the ministries of finance and economy took the stand that works cannot start as there is a danger that the risks of financing the project might be transferred to the budget and the citizens, Ilić said.

The two ministries, led by the DS and G17 Plus, proposed a 30-day postponement of the deadline for the concessionaires to secure banking guarantees, but Koštunica did not put that proposal up for the vote.

Earlier, the prime minister said that a decision to suspend work on the Horgoš-Požega highway would be fatal for the economy.

Koštunica said the "statements that Democratic Party (DS) ministers, who make up the majority of the government, will call for a suspension of the planned work on the construction of the Horgoš-Požega highway, represent a veritable destruction of the country's development."

In a statement to the press, Koštunica said that "just a few days ago, the deputy prime minister said that work could begin immediately if the concessionaires wanted to finance the work themselves this year."

"Now we see someone has ordered the construction of the highway to be suspended, and such a decision by DS ministers brings direct and unscrupulous harm to Serbia and its inhabitants," the prime minister fumed.

"Because of this unreasonable decision, it is the DS ministers that will be held responsible for all the possible far-reaching consequences this may have on the development of our country," he declared ahead of today’s cabinet meeting, the topic of which will be the Horgoš-Požega highway concession.

Investicije Trayala 17 miliona evra
Generalni direktor Trayala Petar Petrov najavio je da će u tu firmu ove godine biti uloženo 17 miliona evra.

Te investicije treba da rezultiraju povećanjem proizvodnje u fabrikama guma više od 60 odsto, rekao je Petrov u Kruševcu, u razgovoru s novinarima koji su u poseti Srbiji kao gosti kompanije Brikel iz Bugarske. Petrov je naveo da su bugarski investitori u kupovinu petnaestak srpskih firmi uložili oko 100 miliona evra.

On je dodao da je u Trayal u prvoj godini po privatizaciji fabrike uloženo 11 od ukupno 25 miliona evra, koliko su obaveze iz kupoprodajnog ugovora.

Petrov je najavio proizvodnju tri nova tipa auto-guma i dodao da su poslovna klima, saradnja s bankama i lokalnom privredom u Srbiji dobri.

„Alita“ nema para da preseli BIP u Krnjaču
Novi gazda planira da od prodaje četiri hektara u Beogradu dobije najmanje 22 miliona evra iako je celu fabriku kupio za 21,4 miliona evra. Za nalazača kupca dva odsto provizije
BEOGRAD - Novi vlasnici Beogradske industrije piva nameravaju da prodaju plac na kojem je fabrika na Mostarskoj petlji, površine četiri hektara, tako što će im kupac odmah dati novac, a oni njemu zemljište tek 2011. godine. To vreme im je potrebno, kako navode, da bi preselili postojeću pivaru na novu lokaciju u Krnjači. Iako su predstavnici konzorcijuma litvanske „Alite“ i švedskog „Junajted nordik beveridžisa“, koji su jula 2007. godine postali vlasnici 51 odsto akcija pivare za 21,4 miliona evra, selidbu i ranije najavljivali, ipak iznenađuju fantastični uslovi koje traže od kupca, a buni i činjenica da za to još nisu tražili saglasnost od Agencije za privatizaciju. Odluka o prodaji trebalo bi da bude doneta 24. aprila na Skupštini akcionara BIP-a, a zbog gradnje železničke stanice „Prokop“, zemljište na kojoj je fabrika biće veoma interesantno za gradnju poslovnih objekata. U obrazloženju predloga odluke o prodaji placa na Mostarskoj petlji navodi se da prodavac zadržava pravo da radi na ovoj lokaciji bar dve godine nakon pribavljanja svih dozvola za početak gradnje pivare u Krnjači i to bez plaćanja zakupa. Kupoprodajna cena se plaća u tri rate, najmanje deset miliona evra u prvoj godini, još toliko u drugoj i dva miliona posle napuštanja lokacije na Mostarskoj petlji.

Banka Inteza povećala kapital
Banka Inteza u Srbiji izvršila je dokapitalizaciju od 50 miliona evra, čime je povećala kapital na 407 miliona evra.

Ukupne investicije Intesa Sanpaola u Srbiju iznose 736 miliona evra
Dokapitalizacija je izvršena kako bi se ojačala kapitalna baza i omogućio nastavak razvoja i unapređenja poslovanja sa preduzećima, lokalnim samoupravama i stanovništvom, navodi se u saopštenju Inteza banke, članice grupacije Intesa Sanpaolo.

"Činjenica da je Intesa Sanpaolo obezbedila sredstva za drugu dokapitalizaciju od početka poslovanja u Srbiji, pokazuje da naša matična banka čvrsto veruje u razvojne perspektive ovog tržišta", rekao je zamenik predsednika Izvršnog odbora banke Inteza u Srbiji Silvio Pedraci (Silvio Pedrazzi).

Sa bilansnom sumom od 2,6 milijarde evra, ukupnim depozitima od preko 1,6 milijardi evra i ukupnim plasmanim od 1,3 milijardi evra, banka Inteza u Srbiji predvodi listu najvećih banaka u Srbiji,, podsećaju iz te banke.

Stockmarket suffers slight dip
BELGRADE -- Both Belgrade stock indexes fell today—the BELEX15 by 0.02 percent to 1704.66 points, and the BELEXLine 0.19 percent to 3,041.82.

Overall trading from the day’s 434 transactions was worth over EUR 2.87mn, almost three times more than the previous day.

The day’s biggest riser was Simpo [SMPO], whose shares rose 12 percent returning to them to level of the previous day, when they had slumped 9.3 percent.

Politika [PLTK] shares jumped over 9 percent, the Subotica Veterinary Institute [VZAS] over five percent, and Ikarbus [IKRB] more than four percent.

Meanwhile, the day’s biggest losers were Iritel [IRTL], whose shares fell 7.3 percent, and Tigar [TIGR] from Pirot whose stocks lost 6.3 percent of their value. Tigar shares now stand at RSD 1450, only RSD 10 above their lowest value in the last year, recorded in the middle of last month.

The highest turnover of EUR 1.22mn was registered by Baninija [BNNI] from Kikinda, as its share price reached EUR 491, 2.5 percent up on the previous day.

Foreign investor participation in trading was around 42 percent—22 percent in purchases, 63 percent in sales.

Dinkić to seek extension for concessionaire
BELGRADE -- Mlađan Dinkić says he'll ask for the deadline for the Horgoš-Požega concessionaire to be extended by 3 months.

The economy minister said that his ministry would ask Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica to arrange a government conference call to consider a proposal to extend the deadline for the concessionaire by three months in order to settle the matter of financing, and start work on the Horgoš-Požega highway.

“I hope the prime minister will grasp that this is an important project, and that we should give the concessionaire this extended deadline, under the terms of the contract signed a year ago,“ Dinkić said today in Borča.

He said that the Economy and Regional Development Ministry wanted the road built as it was of strategic importance to Serbia.

At yesterday’s cabinet meeting, the government rejected the Infrastructure Ministry’s proposal to begin construction.

Should an agreement be reached to hold a conference call, it would have to be held on March 31, as that is when the current financing deadline expires.

Decision to halt highway construction "senseless"

The PM’s adviser has called the decision to halt work on the Horgoš-Požega highway “senseless and destructive.”

Branislav Ristivojević said that this decision would be overturned if a “state-building government” was formed.

“The new state-building government that will be formed after May 11 has to overturn today’s decision to halt construction. We must immediately send the concessionaires a clear message of encouragement that the new government will take a decision to begin construction,” said Ristivojević in a statement to Beta.

According to the adviser, it would be a disastrous mistake to call a tender, as it would mean losing two or three years before the highway actually started to be built.

“That’s why we’re sending the concessionaires a message—provided a state-building government is formed after the elections, this senseless and destructive decision will be overturned, and the new government will make sure that construction of the highway can begin immediately,“ he promised.

At yesterday’s cabinet meeting, the government voted to reject Infrastructure Minister Velimir Ilić’s proposal for construction work to begin on the Horgoš-Požega highway.

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