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Duty-free export of furniture to Russia from January 1
- From January 1, the export of furniture to Russia will be duty free in accordance with the Free Trade Agreement concluded between Serbia and Russia - said Secretary of the Association for Lumber Industry within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Burda.

At the meeting of Serbian and Slovenian furniture manufacturers, held at the Belgrade Fair, Burda said that the export of furniture for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms to Belarus and Kazakhstan would also be free of duties.

- That will make our products more competitive because they will be 20% cheaper than the furniture from other countries, but it is necessary that these products have the status of Serbian product, that is, that 51% of the parts be made in Serbia - Burda explained to the representatives of the lumber clusters of Serbia and Slovenia, which negotiate on the joint production for the export to the third markets.

He also warned that the furniture dispatched to Russia must meet the GOS standard, for the needs of which a special committee was formed in Russia.

Bernard Likar, a representative of the Slovenian cluster of lumber industry, stated that the Slovenian Government had a special program for financing strategic bilateral partnerships, within the scope of which the Serbian and Slovenian lumber industries were negotiating.

It was stated at the meeting that the chance in the Russian market existed primarily in the export of quality furniture and it was pointed out that the contacts should be established with the investors who build "turn key" facilities because Russian investors are mainly faithful to the business partners who proves to be reliable in the first deal.

Sojaprotein builds factory of soybean protein insulates and concentrates worth €22.5 million
Sojaprotein will invest in the construction of a factory of soybean protein insulates and concentrates, the Becej-based company announced on the website of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

According to the announcement, implementation of the investment is divided into three phases.

The decision on implementation of the first phase of the investment that includes the construction of a factory of traditional soybean concentrates, with the annual production capacity of 70,000 tons, was made in the second quarter of the year. Processing equipment worth a total of 10 million euros has been procured and the negotiations on selection of the contractor are underway. Commencement of the construction of the concentrate production unit is scheduled for March 2011, while its completion is expected in September 2011.

As it is pointed out, 65% of capacities are expected to be employed in the first year of exploitation, after which the factory will be working at full steam. Total estimated value of the first phase of the investment is 22.5 million euros, about 4m of which have already been invested by the company.

Having in mind the fact that traditional soybean concentrates represent one of the products with the highest level of finalization, as well as having in mind their broad use in the field of production of fish food and animal food in general, milk substitutes and human food, Sojaprotein expects a significant growth of the income from soybean concentrate sales, which should be at the level of 52 million euros per year once the full capacity of the production unit is reached.

Construction of the factory of traditional soybean concentrates runs parallel to the construction of a new biomass boiler, which will be supplying energy to the new factory. As a fuel, this boiler will use soybean molasses, the by-product in the production of soybean concentrates. In that way, savings will be significant and important effects will be produced in the field of environment protection.
Upon the completion of the first phase of the investment, in early 2012, the company will start the implementation of the second phase, which includes the production of functional soybean concentrates.

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