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Dragutinović at IMF-WB conference
BELGRADE -- A Serbian delegation led by Finance Minister Diana Dragutinović will participate in the two-day spring conference of the IMF and World Bank.

The meeting begins on Saturday in Washington.

Along with Dragutinović, Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić, Finance Ministry State Secretary Slobodan Ilić, exiting National Bank of Serbia Governor Radovan Jelašić and Vice-Governor Ana Gligorijević will also be included in the delegation.

The meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Finance Ministers and central bank governors of the member states of the two financial institutions, will include discussion of current global economic problems, according to the official websites of the IMF and World Bank.

The IMF predicted that the Serbian economy would grow by two percent this year, which is one of the largest growth rates in the region.

According to the IMF’s report on the current world economic situation, the Serbian economy will experience a growth of three percent in 2011.

Serbia’s annual inflation rate, according to consumer prices, will be about 4.8 percent this year, according to the IMF, and is expected to remain the same in 2011.

“Serbia yet to enter economic crisis”
BELGRADE -- East Point Holdings President Zoran Drakulić said that Serbia has yet to enter its real period of economic crisis.

He also said that he is not sure whether the government has a clear vision for getting out of this situation.

“I think we are just now entering a period of crisis, considering that the current liquidity on the domestic market is catastrophic, and the moment that companies begin to submit their balances for the last year, there will be many problems with banks in re-approving credit,” Drakulić said.

Drakulić said that there have been no concrete measures taken by the government for getting out of the crisis.

“Essentially, production is low and we must enter industrialization, and that is what the prime minister announced a month ago. However, we don’t know what these measures are that will get the industry working, especially exports,” he said.

“Exports are low, there are no new investments, and we have nothing else to sell. The sale of Telekom might solve the problem for a time, but it is a question of where the money from Telekom will go. We insisted that it should mostly be used to restore the capacities that are not working today,” Drakulić said.

He said that companies need to be preserved and the number of workers must be harmonized with production capabilities.

Aleva awarded by Chamber of Commerce
BELGRADE -- The Aleva company from Novi Kneževac has received an award from the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce for significant business achievements in 2009.

Company Director Mile Klepić accepted the award.

The award is given out for significant achievements made by companies or individuals despite difficult economic conditions, Aleva stated.

The company was founded in 1947 and has been a leading food producer in Serbia for over 60 years.

The food processing company's product range is comprised of over 100 products, including milled Spanish pepper, milled cayenne pepper, dried vegetables, dehydrated soups and meals, powder products, tea, coffee, and various spices.

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