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Copper smelter and new sulfuric acid plant in Bor until 2013
Reconstruction of the smelter and the construction of a new sulfuric acid plant in Bor will be finished on schedule, until the end of 2013, given that all the works are being carried out as planned, Mining-Smelter Basin (RTB) Bor CEO Blagoje Spaskovski told Tanjug news agency.

After a talk with the representatives of Canada's SNC Lavalin, Finland's Outotec and Belgrade-based Energoprojekt, Spaskovski said that the construction of a copper smelter using a modern flash-smelting technology of the Finnish manufacturer would help reduce the environmental pollution and achieve a significantly more cost-effective production.

People at SNC Lavalin are satisfied with the progress of the construction of new plants in Bor.

Valkan Matler, representative of that Canadian company, said he was sure that the contemporary plants for producing copper would meet all environmental standards, adding that he fully trusted the Serbian government and the management of RTB Bor.

A total of 250 workers of Energoprojekt, including 60 engineers, are hired to build new plants in Bor, Energoprojekt CEO Vladimir Milovanovic told Tanjug.

He reminded that Energoprojekt had never before built such facilities, announcing that another 150 people would soon be engaged in the construction.

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