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Serbia among high-risk countries - Dun & Bradstreet lowers country's rating
Dun & Bradstreet lowered Serbia’s rating to the level of high-risk countries on evidence the economy weakened, the state deficit widened and no progress has been made toward European Union entry, Bloomberg reports.

Slowing growth and increased spending pushed the seven- month fiscal gap to 111.2 billion dinars ($1.25 billion) and raised public debt to 57 percent of economic output, compared with a 45 percent legal cap. Dun & Bradstreet, which assesses business risk, moved Serbia from the moderate-risk group, saying it’s not likely the government will make significant spending cuts.

“On the contrary, the new government is refusing to cut public wages and pensions for political reasons,” the company said in an e-mailed statement today. “If the government fails to ensure a loan from the International Monetary Fund, the National Bank of Serbia will have to help the government with a policy change, currency devaluation and higher inflation, which will affect the country’s macroeconomic stability.”

Serbia’s path to the EU stalled after the new government of Prime Minister Ivica Dacic exerted undue control over the central bank, causing a mass resignation, and talks on the future of Kosovo, Serbia’s breakaway province that unilaterally declared independence in 2008, drag on.

The rating downgrade puts Serbia in a group of other high- risk countries including Greece, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina as the only former Yugoslav republic rated worse than Serbia.

The European Commission is expected to issue a “conditional” progress report on Serbia in October, postponing rewards that would have arrived for progress the country has made so far, including access to financial assistance and EU markets, Dun & Bradstreet said.

Vanredna skupštinu akcionara "Energoprojekta" 11. oktobra
Nadzorni odbor "Energoprojekt holdinga" zakazao je vanrednu skupštinu akcionara za 11. oktobar, a na predlog kompanije "Napred Razvoj" koja je jedan od najvećih akcionara "Energoprojekta".

Glavna tačka dnevnog reda jeste "donošenje odluke o sprovođenju vanredne revizije finansijskih izveštaja, pojedinačnih i konsolidovanih", za proteklu poslovnu godinu.

Osim ove tačke, na dnevnom redu je i "donošenje odluke o izboru revizora i naknadi za njegov rad za sprovođenje vanredne revizije".

Kao dan akcionara za učešće u skupštini određen je 1. oktobar tekuće godine na osnovu jedinstvene evidencije akcionara u Centralnom registru.

Napred je letos značajno povećao vlasnički udeo u "Energoprojektu" na skoro 12 procenata, čime je postao najznačajniji akcionar ove kompanije posle države koja poseduje 33,6% akcija.

Agrobanka was solvent? - Zvonimir Nikezed interrogated in Special Court
Zvonomir Nikezic, a close associate of former Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic, was interrogated yesterday in the Special Court over his involvement in the Agrobanka case. Nikezic, owner of the consulting company CES Mecon, was a member of the Agrobanka Managing Board appointed by the state. He left the Managing Board of this bank few months before the National Bank of Serbia put it into receivership.

Nikezic was interrogated as a witness and, as Danas learns, he testified that he was not familiar with most of the details of Agrobanka's operations. He told judge that it had not been clear to him why the state had put Agrobanka into receivership when it had been solvent at the time, adding that former NBS Governor Dejan Soskic and former PM Mirko Cvetkovic could say more on that topic.

It is assumed that Nikezic knows a lot about Agrobanka's operations. It was also speculated that Nikezic was timely removed from Agrobanka by his son Dusan, who was the state secretary at the Ministry of Finance at the time.

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