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Skupština akcionara Aerodroma "Nikola Tesla" 23. juna
Nadzorni odbor Aerodroma "Nikola Tesla" sazvao je redovnu skupštinu akcionara za 23. jun, a pravo glasa imaju akcionari ili njihovi punomoćnici koji na dan 13. jun budu raspolagali sa najmanje 0,1% od ukupnog broja akcija (34.289 komada).

Na dnevnom redu je usvajanje finansijskih izveštaja, kao i donošenje odluke o raspodeli dobiti. Kao što je poznato, Aerodrom je u 2014. godini ostvario rekordnu dobit od 3,24 milijarde dinara dok je putem međudividende akcionarima već odobren iznos od 722,5 miliona dinara (21,07 dinara po akciji). Kao dan dividende je utvrđen 31. decembar.

Supervisory Board at the Nikola Tesla airport scheduled regular shareholder assembly for June 23 and the right to vote is provided for shareholders of their authorized representatives who on June 13 have at least 0,1% of total share number (34.289 shares).

The agenda comprises adoption of financial reports as well as decision on dividend share. As it has been known, in 2014, the Airport generated record profit of RSD 3,24 billion while, through inter-dividend, shareholders have already been approved RSD 722,5 m (21,07 dinars per share). December 31 was established as dividend day.

Zitoprodukt increases production by 150%
Kragujevac-based “Zitoprodukt", operating within "Don Don", is planning investment of EUR 1 m in new production program and equipment, it was communicated to journalists during a tour of production departments of the company. The investment will provide work for 50 workers more. During celebrating seven years of business in Serbia, "Don Don" paid special attention to Kragujevac-based plant which became the central department in their system for production of rusk where Zitoprodukt , as of now has been supplying entire Serbian market, from Belgrade to Leskovac.
Rusk should soon be produced in Kragujevac-based production department whose capacities increased by 150% since they have been operating within "Don Don".

- Production of rusk bread is planned in the next month is planned for entire market of Serbia as well as the region which implies procurement of entire automatic line- Bojan Aleksic said, deputy of GM at "Zitoprodukt" said.

Capacities of Kragujevac-based producer of bread and bakery products which have not been in function so far will start operating with the new production program and equipment. Apart from bakery, "Don Don" expanded its business to segment of mills which is why the mill in Kraguejvac-based department is very important in Slovenian company.

- The capacity of the existing mill is 100 tons in 24 hours and at the moment, we are working on projects which should increase capacity to 150 tons while in the near future, we planned to increase it to 200 tons. With 122 workers, daily production totals 50.000 pieces of fresh, cut, packed and rusk bread and 15 tons of flour is used for production daily – Slobodan Urosevic, GM at Zitoprodukt, said.

Although "Don Don" has its two brands, "Tvojih 5 minuta" and "Naše zrno", it kept products of "Žitoprodukt" since tradition of business of Slovenian company nourishes local brands. Operations in Kragujevac is specific since "Zitoprodukt" has its retail shops which was not the case in other plants operating within "Don Don".

In a short time, since 2008, "Don Don" has become a leader in industrial bakery, and it its section, on daily basis, 350.000 pieces of different kinds of bread are produced.

In Serbia, "Don Don" has 1.000 employees and some 300 associates and their work was recognized by consumers, partners and expert public which awarded it "The best from Serbia" award for "Nase zrno" brand.

"Don Don" also owns PDM in Pudarci, and majority owner of Nis-based "Zitopek" and as a renter, it operates in departments of "Fidelinka pekara" in Subotica, Leskovac, "Pekarstvo" Adin Kraljevo, "Žitoprodukt" in Zrenjanin and department in "Jakovo".

Bojan Aleksic and Slobodan Urosevic
Tradition a century and a half long

Development of " Zitoproduka " traces back in 1856 when at the location of today’s plant, there was a mill purchased by two brothers and they soon started capacity expansion. Under the name "Zitoprodukt", it operated from 1956 to 2000. Since 2000, they started emitting shares and entering privaztiation process which ended in 2006 when "Zitoprodukt" became a shareholder company. In 2012 and in early 2013, packaged of state-owned shares was purchased and in the same year, "Agromarket" became the first majority owner . Next year, October 23, "Don Don" acquired shares and became majority owner of "Zitoprodukt”.

"Mali" akcionari
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