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Dutch KLM Introduces Daily Flights on Amsterdam-Belgrade Line
KLM has increased the number of flights on the line from Amsterdam to Belgrade from three to seven a week.

According to the decree of the Dutch government which came into effect on June 1, passengers in transit through the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam are no longer obliged to provide a negative PCR test and are exempt from the obligation of quick testing for Covid-19.

The passengers in transit to whom the decree pertains need to leave the airport within several hours, 24 hours at the most, and may not leave the airport’s transit zone. If, during the transfer, a passenger leaves the plane, that passenger is obliged to submit a negative PCR test.

KLM advises all passengers to check the conditions of entry to the countries they are traveling to before setting off, which they can do at the special page KLM TravelDoc on the company’s website.

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