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BOS - Back office program for Securities Trading
Back office is an information system, which contains all the prerequisites that a broker-dealer company requires, defined by all effective Laws existing in practice thus far.

The main functions of the Back office are as follows:
The entering and usage of identity data on clients, issuers, securities issue, scheduled and maintained trading, data entry for opening and managing owner and sub accounts of securities at the Central Securities depository and Clearing House a.d. Belgrade (further: CRHoV). Enter, change and cancel orders for selling or buying securities; data entry of transferring securities from security accounts, all procedures pertaining to depositing shares in case of one or more parallel takeover bids, gathering orders to buy and sell securities in the central office, organizational parts and other legal entities according to the contract,
Based on entered information, generating and sending messages to CRHoV for opening owner and other securities accounts, transferring from owner to trading account, deposit and other security accounts for the same or a different client; automatic deciphering of messages reply to CRHoV on sent messages, verification of messages based on completed trading securities on the Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. Belgrade (Furthermore: Stock Exchange) and recording statements on securities accounts,
Directly following necessary automatic electronic communication with CRHoV, as well as the entering of orders in the Stock Exchange System, deciphering the order status from applications BELEX Stock Exchange,
Analytical outlooks and reports needed to inform shareholders on admitted orders, completed orders, rejected orders and owner account statements as well as the statement and financial liabilities of the bank following trading on the Stock Exchange,
Following trading on the Stock Exchange, automatic deciphering of specific closing notes and printing reports for clients,
Communication with the Register of issuer shareholders in regards to sending electronic messages for transferring (in cases where the issuer has ISUP installed),
The analytical insight of trading on every client, issuer and Stock Exchange Broker,
A large number of additional reports extending broker dealer companies the insight and surveillance of business operations.
BOS - screen 'Glavni meni' BOS - screen 'Nalog za kupovinu' BOS - screen 'Nalog za prodaju'
Back office is the result of many years of operation and tight cooperation between Center and broker dealer companies, where these programs are installed. All procedures are automatic and fit our user’s needs. All functions regulated by new Law on Securities Trading and the regulations of the Securities Commission are implemented into Back office.

The book of orders, like the foundation of basic information in which also applies to the “life” of every taken order, is automatically updated with every change in Back office, this way it extends correct and unchanged information.

In addition to these functions, Back office extends other functions that allow users to easier operate the information system and data, such as:
the ability to create automatic backup of information to a place of your choice,
the ability to change text on the principle of samples in agreements, orders, evidence of receipt, notice of realization, closing notes and etc,
controlling the use of Back office, showing true records of the time of entry and exit from the system and also referring each entry of change in the data to the user who has made them (and the person authorizing the entry),
the ability to enter new users and to allocate authorizations and changes of data for the existing users,
the ability of electronic communication with broker dealer companies using Center’s Back office system in terms of client data changes, orders and closing notes based on business and technical collaboration,
upon approval of the issuer, the ability of automatic entry of personal identification data from the Register of issuer shareholders,
automatic entry of issuers and issues from the Central Register’s records,
the ability to oversee trading for all issuers where their shares traded on the Stock Exchange include information on the next appointed trading etc.
BOS - screen 'Procedure za uparivanje' BOS - screen 'Zbirni izvestaji' BOS - screen 'Razmena poruka - prodaja'
Since the adoption of new regulations and amendments to the existing ones so far, the experts of the Center in IT, Law and Economics shall be at disposal on a daily basis to broker dealers who have the Back Office system installed, should it be necessary to implement new requirements of regulatory bodies.

BOS - zastupljenost u prometu na Berzi
As records of shares trading are held in different applications or reference files in certain broker dealer companies, when installing the Back office system, the experts of Center will transfer all previous records to Back office. The installation is carried out on a turnkey basis.

Installation of Back office does not require specific technical capabilities besides the requirements by Law and regulations. Back office is an information system programmed in Microsoft Access in XP and like these; it offers the ability of exporting information in other MS Office Applications for further usage. For the installation of Back office, the brokerage company will need to have a computer/s, with further characteristics

  • Minimum Pentium IV, with 256MB memory, Modem and LAN card (in case of network installation),

  • Laser printer: HP LJ 1100, 1200, 1300, 2100, 2200, 220D, 2300 and similar,

  • Installed operating system: MS Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP or other versions.

Besides central Back office (BOS), we are able to complete and install a shorter version of BOS (SBOS) on computers that are not in direct connection with other computers in the head office of your company, and give brokers the ability to accept client orders while working in the field. After receiving an order through SBOS, updating in central BOS is completed by sending an electronic message via email. With the use of SBOS, you will have the ability to transmit to the Stock Exchange orders accepted today while in the field - immediately on the same day to offer your clients the best effect of the sale and purchase of securities.

In addition to effective processing the reality of turnover in securities trading on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, is that broker dealer companies using Center’s Back office program achieve a higher turnover compared to other stockbrokers on the Stock Exchange.

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