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ISSA – Information system for running company general meetings
The development of technology and the complication of running a company’s Shareholder Assembly was the main reason why Center’s experts committed themselves to designing ISSA. At the moment when a great deal of companies have gone private and when there is a wide dispersion of ownership of shares, companies have adopted representational model of running their Shareholder Assemblies. Under such circumstances where 20 and more representatives are voting by proxy, (one proxy can vote for each item of agenda “in favor”, “against” or to abstain from voting according to the decision of each represented shareholder) the need has arisen to monitor and record the results of voting in a separate database.

Accordingly, ISSA is an application, which can monitor the entire session of a company General Assembly as it enables entering, processing, recording and showing:
basic information about GM,
information about proxies acting on behalf of shareholders and showing total number of votes they represent,
voting on each item of agenda showing an accurate number of votes in favor, against or abstained from voting,
possibility of entering amendments and voting on amendments,
automatic computation of number of votes required for passing a decision on each item of agenda or amendment, showing whether the item has been passed,
reports – summaries of items and decisions passed, report from the verification commission, etc.
ISSA - screen 'Meni' ISSA - screen 'Dnevni red' ISSA - screen 'Predstavnici'
For proper running of company General Assemblies, Center’s experts recommend the use of a projector with a screen and a computer so that all those present can follow the course of the meeting. In case the company does not have required equipment, Center is prepared to offer their high quality equipment that meets with most sophisticated of needs.
ISSA - ekran 'Glasanje po tackama dnevnog reda' ISSA - ekran 'Rezultat glasanja'
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