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The International Center for Financial Market Development is a mixed-ownership company established in 1998 as an advisory company with an objective to contribute with its services and products to the development and successful transformation of the financial market.

The mastermind of the Center is a Professor Stojan Dabić, PhD – one of the greatest experts inIntercity broker the field of Banking and Securities in the former Yugoslavia, with over forty-years of efforts made to improve the financial system, modernize banking system and develop financial market institutions and instruments. His contribution to the financial market development is reflected, inter alia, in developing a project dealing with establishment of the first Money market in 1967, and later on of all studies regarding the transformation of this market into the Yugoslav Money market and Yugoslav Money and Securities market. He is a co-author of a project founding the Money and short-term securities market and the Belgrade Stock Exchange. From the creation of the first Money market to his appointment as the Chairman of the Securities Commission, he was a member and chairman of managing bodies of those institutions and spent five years as a CFO, over 30 years working in the Banking sector, starting as a head of department in Jugobanka bank to become a General manager of Investbanka a.d. Belgrade bank and since 1995 a full professor at the Belgrade University Faculty of Organizational Science.

On the initiative of Professor Dabić, in April 1995 the Center for Financial Market Development was established by the Faculty of Organizational Science in Belgrade (FON), Securities and Financial Market Commission, Belgrade Stock Exchange and Money Market a.d. Belgrade, as the FON‘s separate department.

Since 1995 management and operations of the Center, beside Professor Dabić as the Chairman of the Center Council, have been performed by the key experts in the field of Securities such as Chairman and Secretary of the Securities Commission, Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, General Secretary of the Association of Yugoslav Banks, as well as by eminent professors of the Faculty of Organizational Science, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade.

Within the Center, a specialized training aiming at acquiring the title of licensed stockbroker has been organized and designed according to the former Law on Stock Exchanges, Exchange Business and Brokers. The training was conducted by the following eminent experts in the area of financial markets: university professors, experts in the area of the legal framework, statement analysis of players at the financial market, trading in the stock exchange, as well as experts in the field of the information technology. Upon attending lectures, several hundreds of participants passed the exam before a board of examiners of the Securities and Financial Market Commission, hence acquiring a diploma of stockbroker and a licence for trading on the financial market, which represents a precondition for conducting this business in conformity with the Law.

Due to the adoption of new legislation regulating operations of the educational institutions as well as a need for greater engagement on the matter of privatization programs of socially-owned companies and cooperation with international institutions through the implementation of their experiences, the International Center for Financial Market Development was established in October 1998.

Since its establishment, a strong team of experts of the International Center, under the leadership of Prof. Dabić, has taken an active role in implementation of the privatization process, management of foreign companies, investment funds and other investors when taking over local companies, their start-ups and organization of business operations, training and protection of shareholders' rights. The experts of the International Center are simultaneously engaged on projects dealing with consolidation, restructuring and improvement of business operations of companies as well as with designing and implementation of models of raising additional capital through issuing of securities.

As a specific service aiming at preventing profiteers in the privatization and takeover processes of companies, the experts of the International Center have developed and are currently implementing models of protection from the "hostile" takeover as well as a model for "friendly" takeover of companies.

Taking into account successfully completed business deals and a noteworthy list of satisfied clients, the experts of the International Center can offer to any potential client practical solutions for problems regarding the management of securities and various types of the ownership structure in companies in the Republic of Serbia.

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