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Counseling and Seminars
Center’s experts have taken part as founder, organizer, elector or instructor in almost all prestigious conferences of local and international nature in connection with financial markets, shareholding and Stock Exchange operations, as there have been many we would like to point out the most significant ones:
Economists’ Conference in Miločer,
Niš Conference,
Kopaonik School of Law.
Because of serious problems in practical implementation of by laws and legal regulations, Center’s experts decided to begin a set of target practical seminars. The most notable seminar that attracted interest was the seminar on “The State and the Future Perspectives of Contemporary Shareholding” held in June and December of 2002.

In order to make practical implementation of current regulations clear to those who are most affected (management of joint stock companies, broker - dealers and shareholders) a large number of papers published or presented (on conferences, in mass media and other publications) offered practical solutions and new ideas some of which are, regretfully, only now being put in use.

The strategy of Center is to continue in the forthcoming period much more aggressively in the education of all players in the financial market by arranging conferences and target seminars (practical training) that will offer applicable solutions to problems caused by the adoption of new regulations and amendments to the existing regulations governing this sector.

Center has been building close relations with other scientific institutions within the country and abroad, in order to improve management of science and widen its experience in the practice of management. Within its core business Center is engaged in developing and improving the management of studies through designing plans and programs for specialized studies, seminars, courses and other forms of education. Center is directly involved in solving problems in practice by making scientific and research studies, projects, proposals and report on management.

At Center, a project for the forming of a regional training center for participants in the financial market is now in its final stage.

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