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"Minority" shareholders
During the expansion of continuing privatization, shares trading and development of the Securities Market as a whole, conditions surfaced creating consultation firms, who are adequately tracing all changes on the financial market and governing their legal outcome.

In the goal to protect "minority" shareholders, Center has developed operations in managing portfolios, so that today, Center manages over 7000 shareholders portfolio shares. This type of work has obtained maximum protection to these shareholders in achieving their rights with corporations. For corporations this has indeed showed as a useful tool for participation of professional representatives of Center in the operations of the Assemblies and other Board on behalf of shareholders whose portfolios they manage.

Center in its contact with shareholders they represent, they most often come upon these following questions:
Securities Trading
What is the Belgrade Stock Exchange?
Terms: Stock broker, broker, dealer, prospect (issuing prospectus), purchase order mandate, sell order mandate, single auction price, indicative price, Temporary Register, Share Fund.
Trading methods on the Stock Exchange: minimum price and minimum amount method, and single auction price method.
What is required to schedule shares trading on the Stock Exchange?
The firm refuses to submit the Prospect to the Stock Exchange in order to schedule trading, what can I do as a shareholder?
How do I sell my own shares?
How do I buy shares from some firm?
How do I abandon a given order for sale/purchase of shares?
The firm will not disburse a certificate of ownership over my shares, what can I do to sell my own shares?
How do I set a price by which I will give a sell order for my shares?
I heard that someone is buying shares double the price of shareholders at my firm, being so they are giving them money right away, and they sign some paperwork. Is it possible that the broker who I have given the bill of sell order to sell the share by the price that is shortly active on the Stock Exchange has had me?
Based on the sale of my share, how much time after trading will I receive my money?
What kind of guarantee do I have in receiving money from a sold share?
How and who can buy my shares?
What will occur if I do not receive money from a sale?
What will occur if I do not receive the shares that I have paid for?
Regulation of shares and transfer of ownership
Someone close to me has passed away and has left me all their shares. How do I transfer ownership over to myself?
I have lost (destroyed) my certificate of shares ownership. What should I do?
How can I attend a firms general assembly?
How can I find out about the firm's operations whose shares I posess?
What is a tender?
My firm was sold at tender, how could I obtain free shares?
My firm was sold at an auction, how could I obtain free shares?
I received XX free shares for my ten years of seniority by Law of Ownership Transformation from 1997, but the remaining 20 years left unusable. Can I get more free shares by the new Law on Privatization?
I work in the field of education/medical/military/government institutions, but I have still not received any shares. How can I get shares through new privatization?
My firm has already disbursed free shares, but I have not received any. How can I get shares?
I am paying for shares out of the second round of privatization. I have paid for half the debt, but the firm refuses to release a certificate of ownership on the paid shares. Why won't they release the certificate and what should I do?
I am paying for shares out of the second round of privatization by a price that is larger than those trading on the Stock Exchange. How can I stop with installments and buy shares at a lower price on the Stock Exchange?
I heard that the firm whose shares I possess have launched a public offering for sell of shares out of the offering (it is not privatization). How can I buy those shares?
"Minority" shareholders
Issuer of Securities
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