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Preparing of socially-owned companies for the privatization process – social and investment programs, negotiations with strategic partners;
Developing due diligence, IT memorandum, capital value appraisal, preparing documentation for potential strategic partners and other investors;
Developing models and implementation of takeover strategies (models for "friendly" or "hostile" takeover), purchase of shares owned by the state or "minority" shareholders, models for acquiring 100% of  the company shares;
Developing models and implementation of hostile takeover bid defense strategies for joint stock companies;
Developing a model and taking over of the issuing of securities on the whole (underwriting);
Capital increment procedure – by standard method and through increase in the share capital by tenders, debts-equity swaps models, non-monetary contributions to a company’s basic capital (property, rights, work or services and shares of another company), distribution of profits, etc.;
Capital reduction - implementing the standard procedure, simplified procedure and reduction procedure aimed at conversion into reserve funds;
Producing overall documentation necessary for company’s acquisition, cancellation or reissue of its Own Stocks/Shares acquired from its shareholders/members ;
Organizing trading in shares in a limited-liability company and trading in shares in closed joint-stock company, producing overall documentation necessary for implementation of generated changes in the company and competent institutions;
Designing and applying of IT systems in the area of financial market, developing Internet and other presentations;
Managing the Shareholders’ Register for joint-stock companies and Book of Shares for limited liability companies;
Preparing and checking documentation for verification of the payment of shares from the second round of the ownership transformation;
Establishing a company, transferring, registration of changes and other services at the Business Registry Agency, drafting of company legislation, rulebooks (accounting, business operations and safety at work, job classification, etc.), of memorandums, setting of register office, training, etc.;
Restructuring and consolidating of companies;
Preparing necessary documentation for the Competition Protection Commission aimed at acquiring an approval for company takeover;
Designing of projects intended to improve liquidity of companies through new securities issuing;
Creating strategies and taking part in negotiations during the takeover process;
Working with broker-dealer companies (establishing a company, creating all necessary documents necessary to obtain a license from the Securities Commission, registering with the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House and Belgrade Stock Exchange, training provided for stockbrokers, communication with the stated institutions);
Organizing specialized seminars, trainings and consultative meetings regarding the field of shareholding and stock exchange business operations and transactions;
Transforming of legal form - from an open joint-stock company to a closed joint-stock or a limited liability company and vice verse;
Accounting and tax counseling services;
Establishing of a company abroad (off-shore and other types of companies);
Representing foreign legal entities and natural persons in the Republic of Serbia – obtaining PIB number (tax identification number), opening accounts, gathering documentation needed to transfer the money out of the country, etc.;
Preparing, analyzing and presenting information regarding joint-stock companies, capital structure, prices of shares traded on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, etc.
Services related to the Competition Protection Law - merger control filing, clearance request, analysis, etc.


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