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Export worth €80 million - Factory of car batteries in Sombor plans production of 4m batteries in 20
The factory of car batteries in Sombor produced 3.5m batteries last year and exported 90% of the production, which resulted in a foreign currency revenue of €80 million. The batteries made in Sombor for cars, trucks and forklifts are in very high demand in the EU, Russia, Africa, and the Near East.

- Along with new investments in 2011, we also plan to increase the production of batteries by minimum 500,000 and the production of cells for forklifts by 200,000, for the purpose of which another hundred people will be hired - said Radovan Mijajlovic, the Director of the factory in Sombor.

Since four years ago, the majority owner of the Sombor-based factory is Farmakom MB Concern from Sabac, which has invested about €20 million in Sombor. The production has been sextupled, the number of employees grew by 300 last year, so that the factory today has about 800 workers whose average monthly salary is RSD 50,000.

After visiting the factory in Sombor, Snezana Repac, the Director of the Provincial Development Fund, said to the press that that fund had granted a loan of €1.1 million in 2010 and that the Sombor-based factory would again be able to count on favorable loans from the Province.

Agreement signed on construction of Galenika's factory in Obninsk - Project worth EUR 28 million
Nenad Ognjenovic, the Director General of Serbian pharmaceutical company Galenika, and Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of the Kaluga region, signed on February 11 an agreement on construction of a factory of ready-made drugs in the city of Obninsk.

"A total of EUR 28 million will be invested in the project", representatives of the regional administration announced for the Russian news agency Itar-Tass, pointing out that the factory, which should be finished in 18 months, would provide jobs for 200 people.

Mr. Artamonov expressed a belief that the project would be successfully implemented and that "it will give a great contribution to development of the pharmaceutical cluster in the region".

Apart from Hemofarm's factory, there are several profitable innovative companies operating in Obninsk, such as Mir-Farm and Medbiofarm, of which activities are aimed at improvement and production of biologically active components, pharmaceutical substances and ready-made forms of drugs.

The regional government has also signed a series of agreements on the construction of pharmaceutical factories with companies Novo Nordisk, Berlin-Hemi, Niarmedik Plus.

In the future, the pharmaceutical cluster will create more than thousand new well-paid jobs in the Kaluga region.

As early as this year, a special training center for pharmaceutical experts is planned to be opened in Kaluga.

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