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First flights from Belgrade to Thessaloniki starting on May 21
The previous year was the worst for air traffic in the history of air transport, said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic. He pointed out that Air Serbia not only survived, but is turning into a regional airline, and that flights to Thessaloniki will commence on May 21.

- We are slowly increasing air traffic. We will start with regular flights to Thessaloniki on May 21, today you have regular flights to Athens, and on May 10, flights to Prague, Bucharest and Sofia will also depart - Momirovic said as a guest on RTS.

In the beginning, there will be three flights a week to Thessaloniki, he added, but as we enter the summer season, the number of flights will increase.

- I am convinced that there will be no price increase. That would be counterproductive. We must enable the relaxation of social processes that were quite tense in the previous year due to the COVID-19 crisis - stated Momirovic.
International Air Transport Association

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