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Srednji kurs dinara prema evru za danas iznosi 117,6006
Na mesečnom nivou dinar prema evru vredi 0,1 posto.
Zvanični srednji kurs dinara prema evru iznosi danas 117,6006 dinara za evro, što neznatna promena u odnosu na sredu, objavila je Narodna banka Srbije.

Dinar prema evru vredi isto kao pre godinu dana i kao na početku ove godine, dok je na mesečnom nivou jači za 0,1 posto.

Austrian Company Feller to Open Power Cord Production Facility in Subotica
The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in Subotica between the City of Subotica and Privredno drustvo Feller d.o.o. from Subotica.

At the Green Room of the Town Hall, the memorandum was signed by Mayor Stevan Bakic, on behalf of the City of Subotica, and Feller Company Director and Owner Barbara Ascher and Feller d.o.o. Subotica Director Nebojsa Milosevic, on behalf of the company.

According to the City’s website, on that occasion, Bakic expressed the satisfaction that he had signed the Memorandum with the reputable company Feller – Neumayer Group, which develops, produces and distributes power cords.

– Subotica is the seat of the Serbian branch of this international business group, which, in addition to Austria, also has production and sales capacities in Hungary, Great Britain, America and Hong Kong. We thank the company’s management and the here-present Company Director and Owner Barbara Ascher for deciding to expand their operations to Serbia too, and in our Subotica at that. It is a big day for our city and the state of Serbia, and the fact that their products are bought by companies like Bosch, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco shows what kind of company it is – Bakic said.

He pointed out that Free Zone Subotica, as well as the Business Zone Mali Bajmok in Subotica, continued to develop.

– The Memorandum of Understanding says that Feller will invest up to EUR 5 million in the construction of its own production facility in our Free Zone and that it will employ around a hundred workers in the first phase. The City of Subotica expressed its readiness in this document to accelerate and facilitate all the procedures for the investor and to provide the necessary infrastructure for access to the parcels on which the factory is to be built – said Mayor Stevan Bakic.

Barbara Ascher said that the warm welcome was a sign that Feller was welcome in Subotica.

– At our company in Austria, we have plenty of employees from your country, who have been telling me for a long time to expand our capacities by opening a factory in Serbia. They also told me that Serbia was a great country, that people here were good and that the workforce was highly professional. We sought where to open the factory and we finally decided, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Belgrade, that Serbia was the right country for us. At the proposition of Nebojsa Milosevic, we came to Subotica and made sure that he had been right. We will truly try to be successful and fulfill your expectations – said Barbara Ascher.

Momirovic: Serbia Wants to Be Part of Big Investment Plan Saudia 2030, Worth Over USD 100 Billion
– Establishing a regular air line between Riyadh and Belgrade is in our plans and the benefits from that line are big. Saudi Arabia, a member of G-20, is a country which is opening economically and modernizing at an accelerated pace, which is becoming a great opportunity for our companies to find their place in this market – stated the minister of construction, transport and infrastructure of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic, following the meeting with the minister of transport and logistics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser.

– There was also talk about potential investments of Saudi Arabia in Serbia, and we pointed out that we wanted to be part of the impressive investment plan Saudia 2030, which entails investments of USD 100 billion in infrastructure – added Momirovic, as announced on the ministry’s website.

The Serbian minister also met with the vice-president of the company Aramco in charge of industrial development, Fahad Al-AbdulKareem, with whom he talked about the current situation in the market of supply with petroleum products, in the light of the most recent political challenges in east Europe. Aramco is the biggest world company for the production of oil and, at the same time, the driving engine of the development of Saudi Arabia.

Within the two-day summit “Forum on the Future of Aviation”, which is organized for the first time in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Momirovic had the opportunity to hold meetings, on the sidelines of the forum, with a large number of ministers and officials of Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world, it is added.

Referentna kamatna stopa NBS povećana na 2,0 posto
Inflatorni pritisci jači su i postojaniji nego što se prethodno očekivalo i to zahteva dodatno pooštravanje monetarnih uslova.
Izvršni odbor Narodne banke Srbije povećao je na današnjoj sednici referentnu kamatnu stopu za 50 baznih poena, na 2,0 posto.

Istovremeno, odlučeno je da se i stopa na depozitne olakšice i stopa na kreditne olakšice povećaju za po 50 baznih poena, na nivoe od 1,0 odsto, odnosno na 3,0 procenta respektivno, saopšteno je iz NBS.

Cena gasa u Evropi i danas iznosi više od 1.100 dolara
Ukupan rast cene gasa na dnevnom nivou iznosi preko 6,0 procenata.
Cena gasa na evropskom trgovanju i danas se kreće iznad 1.100 dolara za 1.000 kubnih metara, pokazuju podaci sa londonske ICE berze.

Gas za isporuku u junu (fjučers ugovori) trgovan je jutros po ceni od 1.118 dolara za hiljadu kubika na holandskom TTF čvorištu, što odgovara iznosu od 103 evra za megavat-sat (MWh) po trenutnom kursu evra prema dolaru, prenosi Tas s.

Inflacija u Srbiji iznosi 9,6 posto u aprilu na godišnjem nivou
U aprilu su na mesečnom nivou poskupeli hrana i bezalkoholna pića za 2,7 procenata, odeća i obuća za 2,1 posto, transport za 1,8 odsto, restorani i hoteli za 1,3, a rekreacija i kultura za 1,2 procenta.
Potrošačke cene u Srbiji porasle su u aprilu za 1,5 posto u odnosu na mart, dok su u poređenju sa aprilom 2021. godine povećane za 9,6 procenata, objavio je Republički zavod za statistiku.

Stopa inflacije u aprilu je, u odnosu na decembar 2021. godine, porasla za 4,3 odsto.

BELEX indeksi mešoviti, promet se blago oporavio
Indeks BELEX 15 je ojačao za više od 0,1 odsto na 821,23 poena, dok je BELEXlajn neznatno korigovan naniže na 1.655,02 poena.
Blagi oporavak prometa i kretanje brezanskih indeksa u suprotnim smerovima obeležili su trgovački dan na domaćem tržištu kapitala.

Ukupan promet na Beogradskoj berzi iznosio je približno 17,1 milion dinara (nešto manje od 145,2 hiljade evra).

NBS Increases Key Policy Rate for the Second Time in a Row
At today’s meeting, the NBS Executive Board voted to raise the key policy rate by 50 bp, to 2%.

The Executive Board also decided to increase the deposit and lending facilities rates by 50 bp each, to 1% and 3%, respectively.

– Such decisions were made as inflationary pressures in the global and domestic markets continued to be stronger and more persistent than anticipated, calling for additional monetary tightening in order to contain second-round effects on inflation expectations and a further rise in inflation – the NBS announced.

As said, with a view to curbing inflation in the coming period, the Board raised the key policy rate for the second consecutive time, thereby proceeding with monetary policy tightening, which began last October through gradual increasing of the weighted average rate in the auctions of repo sale of securities – by total 110 bp to date.

Also, it is pointed out that the Executive Board stresses that interventions by selling foreign exchange in the local FX market had a twofold effect – they not only maintained relative stability of the exchange rate, but also helped tighten monetary conditions by absorbing a substantial amount of dinar liquidity.

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