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One of the consequences of the ongoing privatization and transformation of so-called socially owned capital into private capital is the surge of a large number of shareholders who want to buy pre-emptive shares from new issues of shares (share capital increase). The most illustrative example is a new issue of shares of Hemofarm a.d. - Vrsac when a few hundred of potential shareholders applied for these shares. To conduct the registration procedure, the potential reduction of the number of shares applied for and to record payments for allotted shares and print all necessary reports (subscription slips, notices, etc.) proved to be a serious problem in the given situation.

With this in mind, Center’s experts have designed an information system, which comply with the procedures prescribed by the Securities Commission, wraps up the whole process of privatization. In this way, the only task of the officer responsible for entering information about the purchase of shares from a new issue in the issuer company or in broker-dealer companies is to arrange entering of data into NEA and the application will carry out the following operations:
attribute a single number of subscription to each subscription slip showing the date and time of receipt,
print filled-in subscription slips ready for signing,
compute pre-emptive rights of each subscriber,
make reduction, if necessary, in the number of shares applied for, if the total number of all subscriptions is higher than the volume of issue,
generate notices to all subscribers in which the subscriber will declare his or her acceptance of the number of shares allotted to him or her and an adequate mailing book keeping track of mailing of notices,
enable printing of payment slips for each subscriber showing the exact amount to be paid for allotted shares,
enable entering payments showing payment dates and statement number,
prepare and print all reports required for monitoring the purchase and
prepare information and implements them further into ISUP and the Central Register.

With the NEA system, the process of share capital increase is reduced to carrying out technical and fully automatic and controlled procedures.
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